India's pharmaceutical industryis valued at $ 17 billion (2012) and has been growing at a CAGR of 15%. It is projected to expand to $ 55 billion by 2020. With exports of $ 14 billion (2012), India supplies 10% of the world’s medicines. The country is recognised globally as a manufacturing hub for quality generic and biologic drug products. Foreign and domestic companies are exploring strategic partnerships, utilizing each other's strengths for their mutual benefit.Recognising the need for harmonising with global regulatory guidances as a force multiplier, the Indian regulator, DCGI, has initiated several bold steps by constantly reviewing guidelines and making them compatible with the highest global standards. Against this backdrop, pharma manufacturing supply chains must be robust, able to manage risks while responding to the smallest changes in the regulatory guidelines, at the same time managing to meet the challenges of lower costs and increased productivity in a highly competitive global environment.

Track & Trace

Regulators worldwide have identified counterfeiting as a major hazard in patient care. It is estimated that almost 10% of the global pharma supplies are counterfeit. To mitigate this challenge regulators, including WHO, have formulated guidances in Track & Trace, ePedigree etc which will be operational shortly. In some geographies, this has already come into force. India now has its regulations in place and is fast catching up with other lead manufacturing nations to embrace counterfeit technology.
We offer a comprehensive basket of product & services in serialisation.
Graphene Med Resources and Anant Advantages have forged a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end solutions for Serialization through Track & Trace, Aggregation & ePedigree

  • MediTrace - UID generation and management platform
  • Suite of back-office services
  • SMS response management and reporting
  • Archival of data through the products’ life time
  • Impact analytics and Data analytics
  • Follow-up with consumers reporting forged products
  • Single point of contact for End to End solution and services